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Swett & Crawford is now CRC Swett. Together with CRC, we're bringing you more resources to place you first.

Earlier this year, Swett & Crawford was acquired by CRC Group to become CRC Swett. And now, the trusted wholesale brokers at the new CRC Swett and CRC are working hard to bring you even more. More service. More global reach. More Value. More expertise in even more industries. From real estate and construction to transportation and financial services, now you can expect more from the brokers you know and trust.

CRC and CRC Swett. Placing you first.
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CRC Swett and CRC.
More talent and more resources to place you first.

CRC Wholesale Group
Premium % By Division

Brokerage - 79% - $5.293 Billion
Underwriting - 16% - $1.072 Billion
Programs - 5% - $335 Million


Combined Premium








Office Locations


Practice Groups


History Timeline

1914 - 1920

Swett & Crawford's Beginning

Clarence H. Crawford, a Los Angeles attorney, moves to San Francisco to manage and ultimately liquidate the Pacific Surety Company. Crawford hires W.B. Swett, scion of a prominent Northern California family, as an underwriter to assist him. They open their own agency in San Francisco, W.B. Swett & Company, as a managing general agent for the International Indemnity Company, a Los Angeles-based insurance company specializing in surety and plate glass business. The company convinces Industrial Indemnity to write automobile policies in response to the popularity of Henry Ford’s assembly line production of the Model T.

1920 - 1930

Early Growth and Market Challenges

Swett & Crawford organizes and serves as sole managing agent for their own company, Security Insurance Company of California; underwriting automobile, personal insurance, homeowner policies and other small casualty accounts. W.B. Swett & Company becomes sole underwriting manager for Pacific Indemnity Company, organized by a group of Los Angeles insurance executives with capital assets of $3 million. “W.B.” is dropped from company name in 1926, Crawford is added, and Swett & Crawford becomes the official name. Despite the financial calamity of the stock market crash in 1929 which adversely affects most businesses nationwide, Swett & Crawford continues to expand, diversify and prosper.

1935 - 1945

Insuring Icons

In 1936, Swett & Crawford provides riot and strike coverage for Universal Studios, and cast insurance for Disney’s production of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. In 1937, Swett & Crawford places $1 million in public liability and $1 million in property damage for the Golden Gate Bridge during the final phases of its construction. Swett & Crawford is the leading brokerage for placing huge Course of Construction (COC) risks; insuring projects such as the Oakland Bay Bridge, the Hoover Dam and the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. From 1941 – 1945, World War II has a dampening effect on the construction business. Swett & Crawford shifts priorities to steel companies, aviation subcontractors and defense contractors.

1946 - 1969

Continued Growth

As the nation recovers from the 2nd World War, Swett & Crawford prospers, providing insurance coverages for hydroelectric dams, industrial complexes, offshore oil drilling fleets and hull coverage for Lockheed’s emerging passenger aircraft construction.

1981 - 1982

CRC's Founding and the New Swett & Crawford Group

In the fall of 1982, CRC is founded in Birmingham, AL by John Cooney, Jim Rikard and Tom Curtin. The company's original vision was to provide unrivaled service, performance, expertise and commitment to their clients.

In 1981, The Swett & Crawford Group forms Swett & Crawford Management Co., Inc. to provide underwriting facilities to Swett & Crawford brokers on an exclusive basis. With its reputation as a large risk broker firmly established, the Group provides coverages for COC, D&O, E&O, excess liability and umbrella, and takes the lead in the new environmental impairment liabilities market.

1990 - 1999

New Growth for CRC, Swett & Crawford Expands Underwriting Activities

CRC opens offices in Boca Raton, New Orleans, Houston and Chicago.

In 1991, Swett & Crawford Offices in California, Florida, New England, the Northwest, Texas and Illinois are expanded to meet developing customer base. In 1997, Swett & Crawford is acquired by Aon Corporation.

2000 - 2004

CRC Continued Expansion, Swett & Crawford Breaks One Billion Dollars

In 2000, CRC opens the Los Angeles office. Then, in 2002, CRC acquires Piedmont and American Marketing Center, before CRC itself is acquired by BB&T. That same year, CRC opens offices in Atlanta and Seattle. Between 2004-05, CRC acquires Wood & Company and Universal Specialty, Sterling West, Vista Insurance Partners and Negley Associates.

In 2000, Swett & Crawford breaks the billion dollar premium barrier — places $1 billion of premium volume in a single year. In 2002, a major merger combines the strengths of Swett & Crawford with those of regional brokerage operations, Sherwood Insurance Services and Insurance Brokers Service. Capabilities and services are tripled in strength. In 2003, Swett exceeds $3 billion in premium written.

2005 - 2015

Continued Acquisitions

Between 2008 and 2010, CRC acquires TB&C, TAPCO and Southern Risk. Tapco and Southern Risk are merged into Southern Cross Underwriters while TB&C expands CRC's brokerage operations in the southern California market. CRC has a total of 29 offices by the end of 2010.

In 2005, Swett & Crawford is sold to an investor group which includes HM Capital Partners, Banc of America Capital Investors, Emerald Capital Group, and employees of the company.

2010 - 2015

More Growth to Provide Better Solutions

In 2012, CRC acquires Crump Property & Casualty growing the combined company to 55 offices and 1700 associates nationwide. In 2014, CRC rebranded Southern Cross Underwriters, a part of CRC's underwriting division, to SCU. In 2015, CRC acquired Napco and Connecticut Underwriters.

In 2010, $3.5 Billion Independent Broker Created by the Cooper Gay and Swett & Crawford Deal. In 2012, Swett & Crawford acquires underwriting facility.


CRC Acquires Swett & Crawford

In May of 2016, CRC acquired Swett & Crawford creating one of the largest wholesale insurance brokers in the nation. The combined company writes nearly $6.7 billion in combined premium, has 2400 associates, 600 producers and 81 office locations who serve over 527,000 insureds.

CRC and CRC Swett. Placing you first.
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CRC and CRC Swett Specialties


2015 Premium


Environmental Liability
Excess / Umbrella
Lessors Risk
Life Sciences
Liquor Liability
Products Liability
Railroad Protective
Workers Compensation

2015 Premium


All Risk
Boiler & Machinery
Builders Risk – Frame
Builders Risk Catastrophe
DIC Wind
including Buy Backs
Force Placed
Vacant Property
Inland Marine
Ocean Cargo / Marine
Stock Through Put

2015 Premium


Directors & Officers
D&O Side A only
Errors and Omissions
Employment Practices
Fiduciary Liability
Kidnap & Ransom
Medical Malpractice
Healthcare Professional

2015 Premium


Auto Physical Damage
Commercial Auto
Contract School Bus
Garage Services
Non-Emergency Ambulance
Non-Trucking Liability
Social Service
Hired Non-Owned

2015 Premium


General Liability
Control of Well
Offshore Property
Onshore Property
Oil Pollution
Maritime Employers Liability
Builder’s Risk
Loss of Production
Charterers Legal

More Important Information


Since CRC announced the acquisition of Swett & Crawford earlier this year, we have been working to integrate our combined brokerage, underwriting and programs capabilities so that we can offer you more while continuing to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Thank you for your continued business and please let us know how we can work together to do more for you. Please navigate the above menu by clicking on the items that you'd like to know more about.

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Contact Information - Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Your CRC Swett broker will continue to recieve email at their legacy @Swett.com email address. However, as of September 12, 2016, your contact's primary email address will be the @CRCSwett.com email address. If you have any questions, or need to verify contact information, feel free to contact your broker.

The JH Blades team will now use @JHBlades.com. Previously, all JH Blades email address were @Swett.com.

There are no changes to the contact information for CRC, SCU, Tapco and programs underwriters. And, there are no changes to the Swett & Crawford transportation team or the Swett & Crawford Contract P & C team.

There is no change to phone numbers or mailing addresses for any of our brands or locations at this time.

This change does not impact any of the legacy CRC or legacy Swett & Crawford P&C program divisions, including: SCU, Tapco Underwriters, 5Star Specialty Programs, Hanleigh, Negley & Associates, Target Professional Programs, Southern Hospitality Underwriters, Ethos, Insurance Center for Building Materials (ICBM), ProPraxis Insurance Services, Swett Managed Care, Loxley, The ABC Program, STATPro Underwriters and FinOS. These operations will continue to trade under their legacy names and logos.

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Accounting Contacts and Remittance

All accounting and invoicing will continue to remain separate until further notice. Business placed through CRC Swett will be invoiced separately and payments will continue to be remitted to the following:

Remittances sent via first class mail, should be addressed as follows:

Swett & Crawford
P.O. Box 745163
Atlanta, GA 30374-5163

Should any of your customers care to send their remittance packages via overnight delivery (i.e. Federal Express, Messenger, etc.) it should be addressed as follows:

Swett & Crawford
Attn: Remittance Lockbox 745163
5335 Triangle Pkwy
Norcross, GA 30092-2556

Legal Entity

All Swett & Crawford legal entity names and structures have not changed, and therefore, no contract updates will be necessary.

Swett Agency Appointments

In the coming months, we will be working to merge our systems and operations together. We are pleased that you will be making this transition with us. In order to ensure that your agency is properly appointed in our systems, please visit CRC Swett Agency Appointments


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